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North American Mega Ranking
300+ Marathons and Ultras

12/31/16 results recorded 2/17

 NameSexAgeYOBTotal # of Marathons & UltrasStateNationalityDate of Report
1Larry MaconM7219441837TXUSA12/31/2016
2Jim SimpsonM7519411640CAUSA12/31/2016
3Henry RuedenM6619491233WIUSA12/31/2016
4Denny FrymanM681947993FLUSA12/31/2016
5Rene VillalobosM571960982TXUSA12/31/2016
6Norm FrankM811931965NYUSA6/30/2011
7Frank BartocciM691947806MNUSA12/31/2016
8Rob AppleM551961803TNUSA12/31/2016
9Vincent MaM471969753CAUSA12/31/2016
10Don McNellyM951920744NYUSA6/30/2016
11Wally HermanM881925728----Canada12/31/2013
12Edson SanchesM671950709NYUSA12/31/2016
13Jim ReeveM741942701TXUSA12/31/2016
14Eugene DeFronzoM801936688CTUSA12/31/2016
15Steve BooneM671949668TXUSA12/31/2016
16Jerry HerndonM801931666WVUSA8/24/2009
17Andrew KotulskiM741939653NJUSA12/31/2013
18Ray ScharenbrockM791933633WIUSA12/31/2011
19Yen NguyenF541962620TXUSA6/30/2016
20Arthur MooreM771937607OHUSA12/31/2014
21Richard HolmesM671949593NCUSA12/31/2016
22Angela TortoriceF481967590TXUSA6/30/2016
23Peter ButlerM821930580MNUSA12/31/2011
24Mirek MalinowskiM761940550TXUSA12/31/2016
25Bruce PurdyM601956549MIUSA12/31/2016
26Yolanda HolderF581958530CAUSA12/31/2016
27Sy MahM----1926524OHUSA/Canada
28Eugene BruckertM791935515ILUSA12/31/2016
29Sharon KersonF741942511CAUSA12/31/2016
30Jon MahoneyM641952510----Canada12/31/2016
31Monte PascualM561960507WAUSA12/31/2016
33Mike BrooksM691945502MEUSA12/31/2016
32Bob DolphinM871929502WAUSA12/31/2016
34Jim SnyderM651946500NCUSA3/8/2013
35Barbara EliaF711944498CAUSA6/30/2016
36Peter BennettM411974497TXUSA6/30/2016
37Susan DaleyF571959497ILUSA12/31/2016
38Sharon MordorskiF631951480MNUSA12/31/2015
38Cliff CartwrightM631953473MSUSA12/31/2016
40Rick HaaseM711945459WAUSA12/31/2016
41Frederick Davis IIIM661948456OHUSA12/31/2014
42Bill RexM761940456ILUSA12/31/2016
43Mel PreedyM811933450WAUSA6/30/2015
44Cheri PompeoF641952446WAUSA12/31/2016
45Dave BellM541962445COUSA6/30/2016
46Van PhanF451971427WAUSA12/31/2016
47Lois BerkowitzF671948425MIUSA12/31/2016
49Dan ShuffM811935419TXUSA12/31/2016
48John BandurM781938419WAUSA6/30/2016
51Stan NakashimaM651952417WAUSA12/31/2016
50Deborah GobinsF571957417AZUSA6/30/2015
52Kevin BrosiM611955416TXUSA12/31/2016
53Deo JaravataM511965415CAUSA12/31/2016
54Marit JanseF561960414MIUSA12/31/2016
55Mike SmithM581957413INUSA12/31/2016
56Don LangM----1934406CAUSA
57Cyndie MertenF601956405ORUSA12/31/2016
58David JohnsonM631953404TXUSA12/31/2016
59Robert LopezM491967402WAUSA6/30/2016
60Dick CollinsM----401CAUSA
64Steve HughesM681948400ARUSA12/31/2016
61Carter SherlineM571960400MIUSA12/31/2016
63Don LandryM711945400QCCanada6/30/2016
62John BozungM631953400UTUSA6/30/2016
66Rich DeCampleM711945391WAUSA12/31/2016
68Newton BakerM741942391VTUSA12/31/2016
67Les MartiskoM721944391MNUSA12/31/2016
65Jim BoydM741942391WAUSA12/31/2016
71Janet GreenF631953388BCCanada12/31/2016
70Kendel PrescottF561960388GAUSA12/31/2016
69Tom DetoreM681948388MOUSA12/31/2016
72Chuck SavageM761938387FLUSA6/30/2016
73Tom PerriM551961386MNUSA12/31/2016
74Marion LandryF721944382QCCanada6/30/2016
75Bill WhippM711944380OHUSA12/31/2016
76John WallaceM721944378FLUSA6/30/2016
77Russell CheneyM741941378CAUSA6/30/2016
78Mark StodghillM671948377MNUSA12/31/2016
79Cathy TroisiF701946374NYUSA6/30/2016
80Walt PrescottM631953368GAUSA12/31/2016
81Brenton FloydM271985367TNUSA9/29/2009
82Steven HolehanM481965367TXUSA12/31/2013
83Robert BishtonM661950362FLUSA12/31/2016
85Chuck StrucknessM631953358NDUSA12/31/2016
84Rosemary EvansF631953358KYUSA12/31/2016
86Mike MontgomeryM691947358TNUSA12/31/2016
87Steve WaltersM361980354ORUSA12/31/2016
88James ScheerM711942352WAUSA12/31/2013
89Francesco CrinitiM701944351PAUSA12/31/2014
90Diane BoltonF551961350TNUSA12/31/2016
92Cheryl MurdockF661950349FLUSA12/31/2016
91Chuck EngleM431971349ORUSA6/30/2015
93Dan KeatleyM701946340WVUSA12/31/2016
95Rick RaymanM701946340ONCanada12/31/2016
94Bettie WailesF711944340FLUSA6/30/2016
96John LeightonM551960339OHUSA12/31/2016
97Carol GoslinF711945336MOUSA12/31/2016
98Steven YeeM551959331WAUSA12/31/2014
99Ken SiroisM671947329TNUSA12/31/2015
100Gregg WalchiM54329USA6/30/2016
101David JonesM491963327FLUSA8/24/2009
102Pam PenfieldF691947325COUSA6/30/2016
104Paula BooneF501966324TXUSA12/31/2016
103Burt CarlsonM911925324MNUSA12/31/2016
105David HolmenM551961323MNUSA12/31/2016
106Trent MorrowM431973320SCUSA6/30/2016
107George SouthgateM701946316GAUSA12/31/2016
108Andy VelazcoM641948315GAUSA12/31/2012
109Tom HosnerM661950312CAUSA12/31/2016
110Tom AdairM751941308GAUSA12/31/2016
111Lauri Fauerbach AdamsF461970306PAUSA12/31/2016
113Dick HarrisM761940305NMUSA12/31/2016
112Angela IvoryF----1968305TNUSA6/30/2012
114Al BeckenM831929304TXUSA12/31/2011
115Alexis DavidsonM611955303NYUSA12/31/2016
116Boonsom HartmanF591957302ILUSA12/31/2016
17Ronnie WongM671946301MDUSA12/31/2013
118Carol DellingerF541962300WAUSA12/31/2016

Welcome to the home of the World Megamarathon Ranking 300+. We are not a running club; there are no dues and nobody is trying to sell you a T-shirt. Instead, we are a group of runners who happen to enjoy running marathons (26.2 miles) and ultras (any distance longer than a marathon) and will go to the ends of the earth to run them…and we run them often. In fact, the runners on this list have run more sanctioned marathons/ultras than anyone else in the world. We represent a mere 0.0000000427% of the people on this planet. More people have orbited the earth in outer space, and more climbers have summited Mt. Everest than have completed the 300 or more marathons/ultras required to have been included on this list.

This ranking is for information purposes only…created to inspire greater goals and to fuel the competitive nature within us all. While we don’t pretend that this is the complete and definitive list of runners that have achieved this milestone, we strive to make the list as accurate as possible, and rely on the good faith and integrity of each runner to present a true accounting of his or her achievements.

Please pass my contact information on to any runner that you know who has reached a career total of 300, or who is approaching 300 combined marathons and ultras (i.e. 280, 290, 295, etc).
Passing the “word” about the list is the best way to expand the list.

Congratulations for your remarkable achievements.

Diane Bolton

The World Megamarathon Ranking 300+ is updated twice a year to reflect the new career totals of marathons/ultras finished for each runner as of June 30 and December 31 of that year.

Below you will find the links to separate listings for the World Megamarathon Ranking 300+ as well as a breakdown of the USA and North American Megamarathon Ranking 300+. The current World totals reflect the marathons/ultras run as of December 31, 2016.

Disclaimer: These numbers are self reported and represent claims by the runners and have not been verified. This ranking is for fun, and is not intended to be used in any official capacity as certification of results or as proof of any achievement or record.

While we don’t have the staff to verify submissions as completely as the 50 States Marathon Club, we are reviewing submissions and expect that all races submitted follow the same criteria as the guidelines outlined in the 50 States Marathon Club rules.
Please be mindful of events which are not accepted by the 50 States Marathon Club as they will not be accepted as official marathons/ultras here.

1 = 50 States Marathon Club
2 = 50 States Marathon Group+DC
3 = Marathon Maniacs
4 = North American 100 Marathon Club
5 = Direct Contact with Diane Bolton
6 = Internet Source

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